We’re involved in an interesting new project: SchoolReport.

This Mxit app allows scholars across South Africa to report the things about their schools that are good, and those that are bad. The app had a soft launch a fortnight ago, and has achieved a terrific response: already over 4,500 reporters covering over 2000 schools.

Built on Mxit, it reaches the most rural schools in the least resourced areas. The SchoolReport team is currently exploring partnerships with organizations able to use the valuable data they are gathering: both to understand the situation on the ground, and to bring change.

Find more details or get in touch at

SASSI App in iOS App Store

The iOS version of the SASSI App has gone live in the iOS App Store. You can visit it from our microsite: or search for ‘WWF SASSI’ in the App Store. You can also search for ‘SASSI’ but something else comes up first.

Besides all the regular search features, the App also features Facebook and Twitter integration. Be sure to tell your friends that you’re using the app to save the oceans.

BlackBerry Apps

With BlackBerry 10 OS launching worldwide, we’re excited to have four apps live in BlackBerry World, two developed in C++ and two in WebWorks (the html5 application framework that BlackBerry 10 supports). Of course, for BlackBerry, the work is now really starting.

We’ve found BlackBerry 10 to be a compelling experience, and have become accustomed to the swiping that quickly accesses different apps on the BB10. So much so, that I find myself swiping bottom to top or left to right on my Android phone, and wondering why nothing is happening, before I remind myself, ‘Oh yes, Android.’

BlackBerry 10 is exciting. Try it. SDK for BlackBerry Cascades: Beta

Our SDK for BlackBerry 10 Cascades is now in Beta.

This beta version includes batching of events, so that they’re not sent one at a time, but are all delivered together every 30 seconds, taking advantage of http 1.1 to reduce network bandwidth and latency.

It also features event persistence, so that if a user makes use of your app when they don’t have an internet connection, the analytics will still be uploaded when they use the app again and are connected.

Writing SDK’s is always hard work, because one has to consider diverse use-cases, and try to craft a product that programmers will be able to use in many different circumstances. But it’s also fun and rewarding, especially when developers write to express appreciation.


BlackBerry 10 Apps

Right now we’ve got four apps submitted to BlackBerry World, though only the SASSI app has been approved so far. We can see how many apps BlackBerry is reviewing right now, because the submission time-frames have extended radically. On the other hand, our SASSI App for iOS has been in Apple’s approval process for a similar period, so nothing excessive yet.

Ours apps are both in native BlackBerry Cascades (C++) and in WebWorks. Both environments have their benefits. The Trip5 App in particular shows what can be done in with HTML5 and some powerful mapping components. We’ll tell you more as soon as it’s been approved.

SASSI for BB10 Approved

Our SASSI App for BlackBerry 10 has been approved.

We’ve worked especially hard to make this a really awesome BlackBerry 10 experience. It’s not a cross-platform app, but is a native BlackBerry 10 application coded in C++ and Cascades. This means that it’s very fast, very responsive, and tightly integrated into the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Ok, I know the BlackBerry 10 devices aren’t released yet, but if you have a developer device, you can now get SASSI on your BlackBerry 10. As soon as you get your new BlackBerry 10, you know what to download.

SASSI App for BlackBerry 10

Good news for fans of our SASSI App for BlackBerry. We were busy over the holidays, and have developed the BlackBerry 10 version. It’s not a cross-platform app that we’ve just repurposed: we’ve developed it from the ground up especially for the BlackBerry 10 platform, to give the best performance and to make it simply a pleasure to check that the seafood you purchase is sustainable. We coded it in Cascades, a C++ framework for the BlackBerry 10 that offers the most natural experience, what BlackBerry refers to as ‘Flow’. We think you’ll like it.

It’s in the BlackBerry World approval process now, and we hope it’ll be available once the BlackBerry 10 is released. So if you’re a lucky owner of the new BlackBerry 10, be sure to download the SASSI App.